LNC chair explains health care deregulation in Washington Times

The Washington Times

Shifting the layers of bureaucracy in the U.S. government-managed health care system won’t make much of a difference, Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark explained in Jennifer Harper’s Aug. 4 Inside the Beltway column in the Washington Times. Instead, the Libertarian Party calls for repeal and deregulation so that competitive health care markets can function to decrease costs and increase quality:

The health care clash continues, pitting Republican against Democrat. A third combatant has entered the fray, however: The Libertarians now are weighing in on the challenge to create a workable, healthy health care system out of the loose ends and leftovers of Trumpcare and Obamacare.

“Although Libertarians might disagree on what constitutes meaningful health care reform, it makes no sense to replace one bad plan with another. Obamacare is like two government bureaucrats and an insurance company bureaucrat getting between you and your doctor. The Republicans would replace that with two insurance bureaucrats and a government bureaucrat between you and your doctor,” declares Nicholas Sarwark, chairman of the Libertarian National Committee.

“The Libertarian solution is to repeal and deregulate. You don’t cover oil changes with your car insurance. You should not be forced to cover flu shots with your health insurance, larding the cost with overhead and profits that flow to insurance companies and government functionaries,” he says, pointing out that a certificate of need must be approved before new hospitals and other health care facilities can be built in 35 states. Find the party’s healthcare ideas here

“Econ 101 tells us that restricting the supply of medical care increases costs,” Mr. Sarwark advises. “Repeal and replace Obamacare with Obamacare light? The Libertarian Party says no. Instead, repeal and replace with massive deregulation that will make the health care market competitive again and result in lower prices for everyone.”