LNC meets odd-year financial obligation to help pay down mortgage on headquarters

Libertarian Party National Headquarters — David F. Nolan Memorial Office

This week, the Libertarian National Committee met its Wiener Rule obligation for 2019 to pay down the mortgage on the David Nolan Memorial Office Building.

The Wiener Rule, named for former LNC member Dan Wiener, currently requires the LNC to pay at least $20,000 each odd-numbered year toward the mortgage on the headquarters building, so that the mortgage can be paid off prior to the due date for the balloon payment, which is in 2024.

Recently a donor offered a $10,000 match to help pay down the mortgage. More than $11,000 was raised by the other donors since Jan. 1.

Thanks to the generosity of these and other donors, 79 percent of the building has now been paid off!

Approximately $177,000 remains on the mortgage.

Many thanks to all of the generous donors who have contributed to the building fund!