LNC press secretary discusses Libertarian advances on Chuck Morse radio show

Split screen with Richard Fields on left in suit tie and earbud headset, labeled 'Richard Fields' and Chuck Morse on right in plaid shirt and headset with large microphone, labeled 'Chuck Morse' (color screenshot image)

LNC Press Secretary Richard Fields (at left) in an interview on Left–Right Radio with host Chuck Morse (April 13, 2018)

LNC Press Secretary Richard Fields recently appeared on “Left–Right Radio,” a web-based radio show hosted by Chuck Morse, a conservative journalist, author, former politician, and YouTube personality based in Boston, Mass.

On the April 13 program, called “Libertarian Party on the march,” Fields discusses how he got involved with the Libertarian Party (LP) back in 1972, the current state of the LP, the Democratic–Republican duopoly’s control of the political establishment, the history of alternative parties, Trump’s policies, trade and immigration, abortion and gay marriage, the LP’s 2018 candidates, and more.

Click here to watch the interview at Morse’s YouTube channel.