LNC subcommittee positions now open!

Please apply by Jan. 15, 2019

The Libertarian National Committee is seeking Libertarian Party members to fill the positions in the following committees:

Historical Preservation Committee

This committee is seeking up to two (2) additional members to be able to take on tasks related to the following areas:

  • Maintain and update LPedia
  • Electronic records organizations
  • Strategic archive planning

The following skills are required:

  • Wiki editing knowledge (using MediaWiki engine, the same one used by Wikipedia)
  • Access to professional PDF editing (Adobe Acrobat Pro or similar)
  • Ability to meet every first and third Wednesday (online) at 6 pm EST
  • Extra consideration given to any applicants located in or around Parker Colorado and available on Saturdays to work at the archive location.

Membership Support Committee

The Membership Support Committee consists of nine (9) members which can be LNC Members or Non-LNC Members. The members are appointed by the LNC. The LNC Chair will appoint an interim chair until a permanent chair can be elected by its members.

The Membership Support Committee will seek to find ways to support LP staff in matters of membership growth and retention.

Convention Voting Process Committee

The Convention Voting Process Committee shall comprise nine (9) members appointed by the LNC with an interim chair appointed by the LNC Chair until the committee can elect its own chair. The LNC Chair and LNC Secretary shall be non-voting ex-officio members of this committee.

The Convention Voting Process Committee shall examine and make recommendations to improve the voting methods and processes used at our national conventions and report its progress at each LNC meeting leading up to the 2020 convention and shall work and confer with the Convention Oversight Committee and the Bylaws and Rules Committee as appropriate.

If you are interested in applying for one or more of the committees, please apply below!