LP candidate for NJ governor Pete Rohrman interviewed on FiOS1

Pete Rohrman

Pete Rohrman, the New Jersey Libertarian Party 2017 candidate for governor, has ambitious but realistic goals for reforming government in the Garden State, including cutting government spending by 10 percent and legalizing marijuana. A July 26 interview with FiOS1 provided Rohrman with an opportunity to expound on his views before a widespread media audience.

“I’m a real choice,” Rohrman said in the FiOS1 interview. “People out there are fed up. They’re sick and tired of being controlled, left vs. right. I’m here to give everybody a real choice.”

Rohrman explained that his lack of experience inside the political system is an asset rather than a liability, because he embodies the perspective of New Jersey citizens who are fed up with the status quo.

“What qualifies me is that I’ve had enough,” Rohrman said. “I never wanted to get into politics. I don’t have the qualifications of [Republican candidate] Kim Guadagno, but I think that is a plus, because I didn’t spend a lifetime learning how to manipulate or … tweak a system that is broken. The system’s absolutely broken. We need mindsets that are going to be thinking outside the box.”

One of Rohrman’s campaign platform positions is marijuana legalization and extensive criminal justice reform that would treat substance abuse as a medical issue rather than a public crime.

“All drugs are bad — marijuana, tobacco, alcohol — it’s all bad,” Rohrman said. “But it’s better to be legalized than illegal, because we force it underground and all these bad things happen.”

Rohrman’s gubernatorial campaign website includes details for some of his other policy positions, including expanding school choice in New Jersey, ending corporate welfare and taxpayer-funded bailouts, and defending the right to carry arms.

Visit Pete Rohrman’s campaign website.