LP Election 2020 Live Blog

Welcome to the Libertarian Party Live Blog of election 2020.  We will be posting election updates as we know them here, so keep coming back for more news.

November 04, 2020

12:00pm (EST):

In Kansas, James Doyle has been elected to the Belleville City Council.

11:15am (EST):

In California, Wendy Hewitt has been elected to the Calimesa City Council.

3:40am (EST):

In California, Bob Karwin has been elected to the Menifee City Council.

3:35am (EST):

In California, Kate O’Brien has been reelected to the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District Board.

3:15am (EST):

AP calls Maine for Biden

3:00am (EST):

AP calls Arizona for Biden

2:20am (EST):

In Minnesota, Cara Shultz has been reelected to the Burnsville City Council.

1:55am (EST):

In Wyoming, Marshall Burt has been elected to represent Green River and Rock Springs (District 39) in the Wyoming House of Representatives. This is the fifth time a Libertarian has been elected to a state legislature.

1:25am (EST):

In Tennessee, Trisha Butler has been elected to the Clarksville City Council.

1:20am (EST):

AP calls Texas for Trump

12:50am (EST):

In Virginia, Jessica Abbott has been reelected to the Virginia Beach City Council.

12:40am (EST):

AP calls Florida for Trump

12:30am (EST):

AP calls Minnesota for Biden

AP calls Montanna for Trump

AP calls Iowa for Trump

AP calls Ohia for Trump

12:20am (EST):

In California, Kalish Morrow secures a seat on the Hanford City Council in Kings County with 44.3% of the vote and 100% reporting.

12:15am (EST):

AP calls Hawaii for Biden

12:00am (EST):

Georgia maintains statewide ballot access thanks to the success of Shane Hazel for Senate, Elizabeth Melton for Public Service Comissioner, and Nathan Wilson for Public Service Commissioner. Congratulations, Georgia!

November 03, 2020

11:45pm (EST):

With 1,339,351 votes, Jorgensen has surpassed Gary Johnson’s raw vote total from 2012 (1,275,971 votes). So far, this is the 2nd best ever presidential performance for a Libertarian Party Presidential candidate.

11:30pm (EST):

With 31%, Harrington for US Senate in Arkansas has a higher percentage than all previous Libertarian Party Candidates in a federal race. The previous record was held by Joe Miller from Alaska (29.16% in 2016).

11:20pm (EST):

With 1,141,829 votes, Jorgensen has surpassed Ed Clark’s raw vote total from 1980 (921,128 votes). So far, this is the 3rd best ever presidential performance for a Libertarian Party Presidential candidate.

11:15pm (EST):

Erika Kolenich at 2.9% for WV Governor with 90% reporting. Looks good for retaining ballot access.

11:05pm (EST):

AP calls California for Biden

AP calls Oregon for Biden

AP calls Washington for Biden

AP calls Utah for Trump

AP calls Louisiana for Trump

11:00pm (EST):

AP calls New Hampshire for Biden

10:45pm (EST):

AP calls Missouri for Trump

10:15pm (EST):

AP calls Kansas for Trump

9:45pm (EST):

AP calls Colorado for Biden

9:30pm (EST):

AP calls District of Columbia for Biden

9:05pm (EST):

AP calls North Dakota for Trump

AP calls South Dakota for Trump

AP calls Nebraska for Trump

AP calls Indiana for Trump

AP calls New York for Biden

8:35pm (EST):

AP calls Arkansas for Trump

6:00pm (EST):

New Hampshire and Indiana have started posting initial results.

Polls are open for one more hour on the east coast!  Get ready to start seeing some results!

The schedules for polls closing:

  • 7:00pm (ET): Georgia, Indiana*, Kentucky, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia
  • 7:30pm (ET): North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia
  • 8:00pm (ET): Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida*, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire*, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee*
  • 8:30pm (ET): Arkansas
  • 9:00pm (ET): Arizona, Colorado, Kansas*, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota*, South Dakota, Texas*, Wisconsin, Wyoming
  • 10:00pm (ET): Iowa, Montana, Nevada, Utah
  • 11:00pm (ET): California, Idaho*, Oregon, Washington
  • 12:00am (ET): Hawaii
  • 1:00am (ET): Alaska

*Some parts of these states close earlier, but the final closing time is listed above.