LP to GOP lawmakers: End Obamacare’s individual mandate NOW

Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian Party, released the following statement today:

If the GOP is to actually keep its promise to repeal Obamacare, it needs to immediately end the law’s mandate to buy medical insurance, and immediately end any associated tax penalties.

Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan proposes voting for repeal today but not ending the mandate for three years, conveniently after the next election for U.S. House seats.

Under the Republican plan, taxpayers are compelled to keep paying the tax penalty for not buying insurance — even though the penalty is “repealed.” 

The Republican plan would impose a dilemma on taxpayers: Either pay for three years of health insurance premiums, co-pays and deductibles they can’t afford, or pay a tax penalty for three years and get no insurance.

American taxpayers need relief from this financial hardship now.

The mandate needs to end immediately before Obamacare further tightens its grip on American healthcare.

The mandate needs to end now, not in three years during which Republican politicians may find endless excuses to betray Americans and keep the mandate in place.

Libertarians challenge the assumption that everyone always wants or needs medical insurance. Many people “need” medical insurance only because federal and state laws drive up the cost of healthcare dramatically – to about ten times as high as it should be. Keeping costs high keeps insurance premiums high and deters people from getting the care they truly need, even when they have insurance.

Profiteers in the medical industry – including insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, and medical cartels — want to maintain the status quo. They donated over $1 billion to political campaigns and PACs in 2016 – for both Democrats and Republicans – in the hope that little will change. They want the $2 trillion medical gravy train to keep flowing.

The key question is: Will today’s lawmakers continue to line the pockets of these medical special interests, or will they protect the financial and physical well-being of every American by ending the Obamacare mandate – now?