LPHQ job posting: Press Secretary

The Libertarian Party is seeking a Press Secretary who shares our love of liberty and will help the Libertarian Party succeed as a vehicle for implementing libertarian policies.

Job Description:

The Press Secretary monitors breaking news and prepares responses from a Libertarian perspective. In addition to responding to what’s already happening, a highly successful Press Secretary will help the Libertarian Party and its candidates generate news worthy to Americans that gets picked up my major media outlets. We need a Press Secretary that can cut through the silly partisan personal dramas most mainstream news organizations waste so much time on, and instead, lead them into serious discussions that will help promote Libertarian solutions. Ultimately, the job of the Press Secretary is to help move public policy in a more Libertarian direction which will improve the lives of Americans and the entire world. The Press Secretary  reports to the Executive Director and will work closely with the Libertarian National Committee Chair.

Job Duties:

(a.) Collaborate with leadership to choose relevant topics, write press releases, and get them reviewed and approved by our Advertising Publications and Review Committee. Load press releases into the email system and send. Post press releases to LP.org and social media.
(b.) Get our party leadership and candidates in front of the public via earned media. Provide talking points. Proactively reach out to the press, develop relationships, and book interviews for the Libertarian Party’s officers, candidates, and staff (including yourself).
(c.) Improve and manage our list of media contacts.
(d.) Track and report media hits.


(a.) Former work as a press secretary, communications director, policy writer, or closely related work is desired.
(b.) Former work as a political reporter is a big plus.
(c.) Must be knowledgeable about libertarian principles and policies and be able to write about them and discuss them effectively and positively on live broadcasts.
(d.) Excellent writing skills required. You may get some editing assistance from other staff, but you need to be able to do the research and write 95% of the content for press releases and other talking points.
(e.) All communications must comply with our party’s platform. Please read it carefully and make sure you are willing and able to defend and promote these policies effectively: https://www.lp.org/platform/

Work Environment:

The national Libertarian Party has nearly 20,000 dues-paying members, supports 50 state affiliates, and our affiliates run hundreds of candidates for public office every election cycle. There are over 500,000 registered Libertarians, and around 700,000 people “Like” our Facebook page.

Known as the Party of Principle, the LP has a proud history of always trying to champion liberty on every issue. However, our diverse stakeholders don’t always agree on the best communications for championing liberty. The Libertarian Party’s Press Secretary will be a high profile position who’s work and words are subject to intense scrutiny, both by friends of the Libertarian Party, and foes. The Press Secretary needs to be wise enough to avoid causing too much internal conflict, have thick enough skin to endure occasional waves of complaints, and be sensitive enough to be good at bringing upset constituencies back into the fold.

It will be typical for nine out of ten pieces to generate just a few compliments and complaints from members–while the tenth might elicit several complaints by phone, dozens of email complaints to you and our board members, and thousands of negative comments on our Facebook accounts. Libertarians are not shy about providing feedback and our Press Secretary has to handle and respond to this internal feedback professionally. You will be getting paid for this job, while many of the complaints come from members who aren’t paid. Members volunteer their time and donate money to pay for your job; you work for them.

Occasional travel may be required, especially if you’re successful. Must have a flexible work schedule. Sometimes work will be required at nights and on the weekends to keep up with breaking issues.

It’s strongly preferred that the Press Secretary work on location at our headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, but we might make other arrangements for the right candidate.


This is intended to be a full-time salaried position in the $40,000 to $50,000 range, depending on experience. Given that pay range, we’re looking for someone truly motivated to change the world.

How to apply:

1. Send an email to jobs2017@lp.org with the subject: Press Secretary.

2. Attach a resume. Also include either in the body of the email or as an attached cover letter your thoughts on why you would be a good fit for this position.  Please include samples of your past work (either as attachments or links to work posted online). If you only have a few years of experience, that’s okay, but that makes it especially important for you to provide examples of your recent work.

3. If we think you might be a good fit, we’ll follow up with you by phone or email for an interview. Please do not call our office to discuss the position unless we ask you to.

4. Optional: include a draft press release (200 to 600 words) relevant for sending today or tomorrow. The Press Secretary will be expected to generate content quickly–often up to 3 short pieces per week.