Luke for Congress wins recount, advances to November ballot in Washington

Brian Luke wearing suit and tie, standing in front of a concrete-block wall, smiling, head tilted (black and white photo)

Brian Luke, the 2018 Libertarian candidate for U.S. House in Washington state’s District 2

A recount for the second congressional district’s top-two primary race in Washington state confirms that Libertarian candidate Brian Luke has finished second, and will appear on the November general election ballot against incumbent Democrat Rick Larsen.

This is the first time in any top-two election nationwide in which an alternative party’s candidate has advanced to the November run-off election, even though candidates from both major parties were also in the running.

Luke led the third-place finisher, Gary Franco, an independent, by 51 votes after the initial results. The three candidates who had already been eliminated during the Aug. 7 primary were from the Democratic, Republican, and Green Parties.

Thanks to Richard Winger for this news. (See the Sept. 2 coverage at his Ballot Access News website.)

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