Meet one of the candidates you have helped!

Dear Libertarian,

One of the goals of the national party this election cycle is to get more Libertarians elected to state house seats.

There are several races in western states that are particularly opportune for us because they are in areas that require low vote totals to win, are cost-effective to campaign in, where we have strong Libertarian candidates, and where the opponents are weak.

One of these special races is Amber Beltran’s campaign for Utah House District 22.

Amber’s team is working to unseat a decade-long incumbent and know that personal outreach to voters is key. So far, they have knocked on over 2,000 doors!

Amber says many voters have told her how happy they are to see an active campaign and that they are frustrated at being “forgotten and overlooked” by traditional politicians.

Two of Amber’s key issues are medical cannabis and fiscal responsibility.

Utah LP Chair Dr. Joe Buchman says, “Amber represents the best of the Libertarian Party – a candidate motivated primarily out of a sincere love for others and with the knowledge that liberty is the only way to ensure the blessings of prosperity, peace, and the maximum possible good for all.”

Amber’s campaign has benefited from one of the field teams deployed by the national party to help extra-special campaigns like this.

Amber says, “I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who has donated to help support the field team. Their efforts are going to pay off in November. They have been instrumental in finding the voters that are most receptive to my message.”

If you’d like to help this field team continue their great work for candidates like Amber, please donate through the link below.

None of this is possible without the support of generous Libertarians such as you.

Thank you!

Wes Benedict
Executive Director

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