Dear Libertarian,

Several years ago, our national committee decided to purchase an office as a step towards a better financial future for the party. They chose a modest but nice building in Old Town Alexandria and today it serves as headquarters for our national party. The mortgage payment on this building is far less than our previous monthly rent and we are building equity.

I’m pleased to share with you that this month we hit the half-way point on paying off our mortgage on our office!

I’m also pleased to share that we received a sponsorship of the last of 5 sponsored rooms.

Last week, Dr. George A. Zsidisin (shown above) of Virginia gave generously to sponsor this last room and to help us further pay down the mortgage.

I’m proud of the progress our party is making on this and so many fronts. We are constantly working to build a firm foundation, to better advance the cause of liberty now and for many years to come.

With his sponsorship of the final room at headquarters, George said, “I am proud to be a Libertarian, and honored to provide this donation in support of our efforts in securing liberty and freedom in our great country. I look forward to continuing working with you in supporting Libertarian candidates being elected to office and spreading our message of freedom and small government.”

Many thanks to George and all who have generously invested to help purchase our office. You can read their names here.

If you’d like to join George and these other devoted Libertarians and help accelerate paying off our mortgage, you can do so here:


Nicholas Sarwark
Chair, Libertarian National Committee

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