Nebraska libertarian legislator chosen to head judicial committee


Laura Ebke

Laura Ebke, a legislator from Nebraska who switched to the Libertarian Party last year, was chosen to head the judicial committee on January 4, the opening day of the state assembly.

“In a legislative body dominated about two to one by Republicans, elected on a non-partisan ballot, I’m honored to have been elected to Chair the Judiciary Committee by colleagues”, said Ms. Ebke. “They know I’m both a libertarian and a Libertarian, and elected me without opposition, from both of the old parties. I’m grateful for their support.”

Regarding the committee position, she said “In the Nebraska Legislature, all bills are entitled to a hearing. The Judiciary Committee is responsible for hearing bills that deal with criminal and civil procedures, corrections issues, issues that touch on assorted civil liberties and constitutional rights. The Chair is responsible for scheduling hearings on all legislation coming to the committee, and once hearings have been held, for scheduling executive sessions which would either move a bill onto the floor, or hold it in committee.”

“I’m glad to see that her colleagues recognize Senator Ebke’s qualifications to be a thoughtful, pro-liberty chair of the judiciary committee in the Nebraska legislature,” said LNC chair Nicholas Sarwark. “Her perspective and leadership in that position will be a benefit to Nebraskans from across the political spectrum.”

Ms. Ebke was elected to the legislature in 2014, and her current term lasts until 2018.