New Jersey Libertarians nominate Peter Rorhman for Governor

Peter Rohrman

In front of a sold-out crowd at Rutgers University on March 11, the New Jersey Libertarian Party nominated U.S. Marines veteran Peter Rohrman for governor. Rohrman’s platform includes tax cuts, school choice, legalizing marijuana, and ending corporate welfare.

“I believe in maximizing personal freedom. I cherish the Constitution and every one of the rights afforded to us in the Bill of Rights,” Rohrman said.

Rohrman first gained attention with strong campaigns for Bergen County Freeholder.

“I couldn’t be prouder to support Pete Rohrman. He is a man of principle and conviction who isn’t afraid to speak truth to power. Pete is exactly the type of leader New Jersey needs to fight against the corruption and unlimited government wreaking havoc in our communities,” said LP New Jersey Chair Patrick McKnight.

The Party nominated Karese Laguerre for lieutenant governor.

New Jersey and Virginia are the only two states which will elect a governor this year.

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