Executive Director Shane Cory resigns from the Libertarian National Committee

For Immediate Release Saturday, May 3, 2008

Washington, D.C. – Executive Director Shane Cory has stepped down this week from his staff position with the Libertarian Party.

“I have come to appreciate his talent and professional performance,” says Libertarian Party Chairman William Redpath, expressing his thanks for Cory’s outstanding service to the LP. “Also, as a personal friend. I wish him well and future success.”

“Shane was very productive and an excellent financial manager,” says Libertarian National Committee member Vice Admiral Michael Colley, USN [Ret.]. “He got the Party back on the right page financially and did very well representing the Party in the nation’s capital. He did well for us, and it’s unfortunately been his personal decision to do something else with his energy.”

“It was a pleasure working with Shane during his time with the Libertarian Party,” says National Media Coordinator Andrew Davis. “He was an asset to the libertarian movement as a whole, and we know he will continue fighting for freedom in this nation with whatever he does next.”

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