North Carolina Libertarians are in it to win it, says ‘Smoky Mountain News’

Clif Ingram headshot, white background, dark grey knit shirt, looking at camera, a hint of a smile (color photo)

Clif Ingram, 2018 Libertarian candidate for North Carolina’s U.S. House District 11

The Smoky Mountain News featured Libertarian Party (LP) candidate Clifton B. Ingram, Jr. in article about the “impressive tally” of Libertarians running for office in North Carolina this spring. From the March 7 story, “Libertarians in it to win it in 2018,” by Cory Vaillancourt:

For the first time in a decade, citizens in much of western North Carolina will have the chance to vote for a Libertarian congressional candidate in the November general election.

The impressive tally of Libertarian candidates across the state this year speaks to the growth of the party, even resulting in the rare phenomenon of a contested Libertarian Party primary in the state’s 4th Congressional District.*

That growth has inspired Sylva Libertarian Clifton Ingram to join three Democrats and one Republican in trying to unseat three-term [District 11] incumbent Republican Rep. Mark Meadows; Ingram knows he’s facing an uphill battle, but insists he’s not just here to make a political point — he’s here to win.”

“To me, [fiscal conservatism] means not having ‘big brother’ big government, whatever you want to call it, running everything,” he said.

That stance permeates expansive federal programs, like Social Security and the Appalachian Regional Commission.

“If we gave people more of a choice in how their money was spent, it would be an adequate check-and-balance instead of just giving the Republicans and Democrats all of our money to fight over the way that they do,” said Ingram.

Also interviewed for the article was Windy McKinney, former chair of the Haywood County LP, who explained LP members’ views this way: “Basically, we just want smaller government…. There’s a wide range of beliefs within that, from anarchist to Republican-lite….”

The primary election will be held on May 8.

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* The candidates in the Libertarian primary for the District 4 are Barbara Howe and Scerry Perry Whitlock.