An Open Letter to the People of Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Other Nations

Arvin Vohra

During the last decades, many of you have come to fear and hate Americans. You have witnessed the bombing of schools, weddings, and hospitals. You have seen “targeted” drone strikes that killed far more innocent bystanders than military targets.

These actions were carried out by the U.S. government, but not with the support of the American people.

In 2008, Americans elected a president who promised to end military actions in the middle east. He broke that promise. In 2016, Americans elected another president, this time of the opposing party, who made a similar promise. He has already broken that promise.

Even his most vocal supporters have condemned these actions publicly. Most other Americans do not want the U.S. military involved in the Middle East at all.

The government that claims to have the legitimacy to carry out these actions is not even following American laws. In America, approval from our congress is necessary for war. Our last few presidents have simply ignored this requirement. The two ruling parties, both of whom are financially backed by the same weapons manufacturers, consider themselves above the law.

Many Americans have become so disgusted by this behavior that they are refusing to vote in our presidential elections. In fact, the majority of Americans no longer vote in presidential elections.

At the same time, several dissident political parties are rapidly growing. Many of these dissident parties oppose foreign military intervention.

I currently serve in the leadership of the largest of these dissident parties, called the Libertarian Party. We oppose all military intervention in foreign nations. Our numbers are growing very quickly, and we have every intention of shutting down every single American base outside of America, and bringing our soldiers home to rejoin their families.

We know that most of you are not terrorists, just as most of us are not drone pilots. We know that the U.S. government has destabilized many of your nations, and paved the way for dangerous people to take power.

Our government did not act with our approval, or within our own laws, when they did this. We are working to take political and military power away from them, and put an end to these horrors.

In Peace and Liberty,

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian Party