Our next step

Dear Libertarian,

As I shared with you on Monday, we made tremendous progress on Election Day when we retained or gained ballot access in 37 states plus D.C., the highest ever after an election in the party’s history. The previous best was 31, after the November 2012 election. This is a huge leap forward for us and will save us countless dollars and hours.


And as you know, we achieved 50 state ballot access for our candidates this year. The last time we’d achieved that was 20 years ago. And this year, with the huge increase of attention on the Libertarian Party, was an absolutely critical year to reachieve it.

I can’t begin to tell you all the hard work that has gone into ballot access for the Libertarian Party since our founding. 50 state ballot access is a big, big deal and only those who have fought so hard for it know how monumental that accomplishment is. Many thanks to all of the activists and donors who have been so faithful and generous with their sacrifices to make this happen. Extra special thanks to Richard Winger and William Redpath for their strong leadership for many years on this critical work.

And now the cycle begins again.

While we are further ahead than ever before, we still have 13 states to pursue.

The LNC Ballot Access Committee is already working with state parties to submit bills that improve ballot access laws. Soon we’ll start planning the various petition drives and other hoops we have to jump through to ensure we have 50 state ballot access again in 2018.

We need your help to do this.

When you donate to the national party, you are donating to this critical work. We have the nation’s experts on ballot access laws on staff and in our LNC Ballot Access Committee. Their work is absolutely essential for giving our candidates the opportunity to share our message with the country.

50 state ballot access is only possible because of dedicated and generous Libertarians like you.

When you donate to the national party, you help make sure our team has the resources they need to make this happen.

Please join with us in this critical work. We have no time to rest after Election Day. We must set our sights firmly on 2018 and spring into action immediately to make sure we achieve 50 state ballot access.

Thank you for your support!

Wes Benedict

Executive Director