Our playbook

LNC Vice Chair Alex Merced, Chair Nicholas Sarwark, and Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos


Super Bowls are won in the off-season. When the TV cameras aren’t rolling, football players spend their months conditioning, strength training, and running plays. Those months and years of preparation determine who wins on game day.

The same holds true in politics. Elections are won through months, and years, of preparation and work long ahead of the actual Election Day.

Right now, the Libertarian Party is preparing for the next season.

The federal government is shut down today, but the doors of our headquarters are open, the lights are on, and our team is working on the playbook.

Last night, hundreds of Libertarians called in to hear my thoughts on the Libertarian Party’s plans for 2019.

On the call, which you can listen to here, I highlighted the successes of our work in 2018.

Coming out of the 2018 elections, the Libertarian Party has ballot access for our presidential ticket in 34 states. That’s more than any other third party at this stage in the election cycle, EVER!

Last month, 27 Libertarians were elected to public office, for a total of 52 for the year. That’s a 53 percent increase from 2016!

We are also on the verge of a mega-win with Jeff Hewitt’s race for county supervisor in California. Votes are still being tallied, but things are looking very good for Jeff. We’ll share that news with you as soon as things are official.

Will you help put us in the best position possible to keep advancing down the field? Click the button below to help us build in the off-season with a contribution of $5, $25, or $250.

Go team!

Nicholas Sarwark

Nicholas Sarwark
Chair, Libertarian National Committee

P.S. We are already planning for 2019 and 2020. Would you please help us begin recruiting candidates and assisting them right away with a donation to our 2019 Money Bomb?