Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards Men

Many of us are haunted by chilling photos of death and destruction in Syria. We desperately want for that war to end and we feel helpless that it continues.

War is an abomination, horrific beyond words. But, sadly, no matter how much we want to end all wars, it is not within our ability to do so.

However, we can control our own actions. We can work to champion a foreign policy that is less focused on military might and more focused on diplomacy, on actual self-defense, and on being a beacon of liberty for the world.

Through this, we can decrease violence and oppression.

We can make our country and world safer.

We can champion liberty far and wide.

Here’s a piece I wrote on this topic. It was published last week, alongside an article by the Secretary of Defense.

How long have Libertarians waited for our foreign policy to be considered in high-level foreign policy circles? The publication of this piece, in this context, is a great victory in itself and shows the progress we are making.

Finally, 15 years of war have opened the eyes of many Americans to some of the mistakes of the current American foreign policy.

While the Rs and Ds continue to pursue interventionist foreign policies that include death and destruction and do little to make anyone safer, the Libertarian Party provides a viable alternative.

Americans at all levels are looking for other options. Now is the time for us to share our ideas with them. To do this, we need to increase our outreach as much as possible, as quickly as possible. We need to reach out to as many Americans as we can during this time when they are particularly open to hearing our ideas.

Regardless of your religious preference, most of us can fully support the spirit of “Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men.”

As Libertarians, we are standing up for those ideas every day. We are championing candidates, policies, and ideas year round that seek to bring peace to all by:

Ending the drug war.

Bringing justice to the justice system.

Empowering people through protecting their liberties.

And so much more.

This holiday season, as we all celebrate in our own ways, let us take joy knowing that we are doing meaningful work for peace. Let us resolve to vigorously continue this noble work every day in 2017 and beyond.

Thank you for your support of the Libertarian Party.

Lauren Daugherty
Head of Development