Ballot access and Brandon Phinney

Dear Libertarian,

The national party works very hard throughout the election cycle to chip away at laws and other barriers that keep Libertarian candidates off ballots.

There are countless stories about why this is important but allow me to share one with you today.

Many Libertarians recognize Brandon Phinney’s name and know that he is an elected state representative in New Hampshire.

He originally ran and won his seat as a Republican because the Libertarian Party did not have ballot access at the time.

Brandon says,

“After spending time as an elected Republican Representative, it was clear that the GOP was not the home for me because of the rampant spending, minimal tax cuts and support for intrusive social programs.

I left the Republican Party in June 2017 and joined the Libertarian Party.

Since then, I have fought for issues like criminal justice reform, marijuana legalization, police accountability, 2nd Amendment rights, repealing erroneous and unenforceable regulations and voting against all taxes, tax increases and spending increases.

As an elected Libertarian, I bring our values and principles to a wider audience and implement the Libertarian Party platform through legislation. In the last two years, I have sponsored or co-sponsored 6 bills that limit the power of the state and give individuals more freedom over their lives.”

Right now, Brandon is running for re-election as a proud Libertarian. And he’s able to be on the ballot as a Libertarian thanks to the dedication of countless donors and activists.

Thanks to all who have pitched in on ballot access this year and since the beginning of our party 40+ years ago. Because of that work, we have about 800 candidates on ballots across the country this fall, including Rep. Brandon Phinney.

Wes Benedict
Executive Director

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