Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Libertarians say party discord opens door for them

Libertarians in the News

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Excerpt: “Trump-wary Republicans are defecting from the GOP. Liberal Democrats are distrustful of their party’s presumptive nominee. And voters of both parties are tired of partisan clogging the works.

“This could be the Libertarian Party’s moment.
 Presidential nominee Gary Johnson and running mate Bill Weld believe so.

“’We wouldn’t be doing this if there weren’t the opportunity to actually win,’ said Mr. Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico and the only third-party presidential candidate on the ballot in every state.

“He and Mr. Weld served as Republican governors of blue states, and both now believe that the GOP has lost its way and the Democratic Party is no better.

“’The tone of this election season has often seemed to echo that of warfare,’ Mr. Weld said in a recent speech at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. ‘People are squaring off and taking aim at each other, their teeth are set on edge, their hearts are filled with anxiety and fear and rage.’

“They’re ready for something different,’ he said.”

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