Revolutionize your state party’s capabilities!

Dear Libertarian,

Our state and local parties are the front lines of the Libertarian Party.

The national party works throughout the election cycle to help them in a variety of ways.

Right now, we are building tech systems that will revolutionize the capabilities of our state and local parties.

To be as effective as possible, local and state affiliates need to have their member, volunteer, and voter data all at their fingertips, along with the tools to mobilize those groups!

Soon, every state and local Libertarian affiliate will have access to a customized database, that is built specifically for Libertarian outreach!

But, we need $34,000 to finish this project and get these tools and data in the hands of Libertarian leaders and activists nationwide.

To help make this happen, a very generous donor has offered a $17,000 match!

So, if you chip in today, your donation will be DOUBLED and will go twice as far towards helping build our state and local parties.

Sponsor 100% of a state for $340
Sponsor 50% of a state for $170
Sponsor 10% of a state for $34

Please help us give our state and local parties a huge boost through this critical technology by donating today!

Thank you!

Wes Benedict
Executive Director

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