Rhode Island Libertarian Legislative Nominee Polls 40.5% in Two-Way Race

William Hunt Jr.

William Hunt Jr.

From Ballot Access News on November 23, 2020:

William J. Hunt, Libertarian nominee for Rhode Island State House, district 68, polled 40.53% earlier this month. The vote was 2,995 for Hunt and 4,394 for his Democratic opponent.

Hunt has good name recognition in the district, because this is the fourth time in a row he has run. In 2016 he polled 38.28%; in 2018 he got 35.57%. In a special election in March 2019, he got 28.4% in a four-way race, finishing second. The district is centered on the town of Warren.

Although independents are sometimes elected to the Rhode Island legislature, no party, other than the Democratic and Republican Parties, has elected a legislator in Rhode Island since 1920.