Richmond Times-Dispatch: Gary Johnson remains the best choice for president

Logo - Richmond Times DispatchFrom the Richmond Times-Dispatch, hometown newspaper of Hillary Clinton’s Democratic VP running mate, Tim Kaine:

“In three previous editorials we have explained why Gary Johnson remains the only sensible choice for president. From his business and executive experience to his positions on the issues, he stands head and shoulders above his two principal competitors, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

“He far outshines them in another regard as well: character.”

“Alone among the three candidates, Gary Johnson has an unblemished record. There is no evidence of him lying, or cheating business partners, or abusing employees or women. He is, of course, human — and therefore subject to all the normal failings that humans are prey to: anger, confirmation bias, partiality, and so forth. He has committed a couple of embarrassing gaffes.

“But if there is such a thing as a bar for simple human decency, then Johnson clears it easily. Clinton and Trump don’t. For that reason, it is not merely the case that of the three of them, only he can be trusted with the immense power of the Oval Office. The truth is that of the three of them, only he can be trusted at all.”

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