Say thanks to Cliff Hyra for governor!

Dear Libertarian,

Cliff Hyra and family

No matter what state you live in, please visit Cliff Hyra’s website and send him a note saying, “Thank you for running for governor as a Libertarian!” Click here to visit, where you’ll find his email address.

Cliff Hyra’s campaign had to collect 10,000 valid signatures to get onto the ballot in Virginia. The national Libertarian Party raises and spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on ballot access throughout the country every election cycle to help our candidates get onto the ballot.

Cliff, however, got onto the ballot without any funding from the national Libertarian Party. Instead, he used the tried and true method of pulling $21,500 out of his own bank account and lending it to his own campaign!

Cliff has a degree in Aerospace Engineering and now works as a patent attorney. He also has a wife and four young children — one born just four weeks ago!! — and yet he’s taking time away from his job and family to represent the Libertarian Party of Virginia as our candidate for governor.

Virginia is one of only two states with gubernatorial elections in 2017, making it higher profile nationwide than a typical race for governor. Cliff is getting lots of media attention, and has been covered in the Washington Post seven times.

According to the Daily Press, “His key issues include ending abusive civil asset forfeiture, bringing back parole for non-violent offenders, legalizing marijuana and exempting the first $60,000 of a household’s income from state taxes.”

I personally donated $200 to Cliff’s campaign. According to publicly available campaign finance reports, Operations Director Robert Kraus has contributed $350, former Political Director Carla Howell has contributed $350, ballot access guru William Redpath has contributed $1,000, and Michael Chastain of Austin, Texas, has contributed a whopping $15,000!

I am grateful for all 89 Libertarian candidates running for office this year, and grateful to the thousands of individuals who have donated to support Libertarian candidates and the party.

I especially want to thank Cliff Hyra for running in one of the hardest states for Libertarians to get onto the ballot, and for contributing so much of his time and personal resources to this endeavor.

Please visit and thank Cliff for running as a Libertarian today.


Wes Benedict

Wes Benedict