Stand for liberty with Libertarian Sen. Laura Ebke


Sen. Laura Ebke (Photo by Eric Gregory, Lincoln Journal Star)
Sen. Laura Ebke (Photo by Eric Gregory, Lincoln Journal Star)

Last week, the Nebraska GOP showed its true colors when it attacked the intelligence and the integrity of the voters of Nebraska’s Legislative District 32. In the process, it showed that the most important strategy for the old parties is to prevent discussion and deliberation instead of advancing a principled message.

In an email blast sent to voters in Nebraska’s 32nd district, the Republican politicians desperately attempted to scare people away from a family movie night. A screening of the Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life hosted by Libertarian state Sen. Laura Ebke was dishonestly painted by establishment politicians as an “illegal” event.

This shows how disconnected politicians are from small-town America, it shows that they have no record to run on, and instead rely on cheap tricks to intimidate the competition. Voters in Nebraska know better, and have more integrity than that. Voters in Nebraska’s 32nd district know their senator, and not only know that she runs on principle and conviction, but also understand that she is one of them, a Nebraskan who enjoys Christmas movies with friends and neighbors.

Becka's Beat on Fox42 in Omaha

An article in the Lincoln Journal Star pointed out that “Ebke said she checked with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission beforehand to make sure the activity did not conflict with any state law.” Nationally recognized talk show host Tom Becka recorded a video for Fox42 in Omaha in which he wondered whether the GOP tried to attack the campaign event because Sen. Ebke “wasn’t buying votes by spending millions of dollars on campaign ads and consultants,” the standard operating procedure of old-guard politicians.

Democrat or Republican, the playbook is the same. The old political establishment is terrified of change and ideas, and they will lie, cheat, and steal to win. Fortunately, we can do something to help. Libertarians across the country can rally behind Sen. Laura Ebke and candidates like her. You can volunteer to make calls and donate to your candidates and the party.

Let’s stand for liberty by standing with Sen. Laura Ebke and all of our candidates tonight by pledging support.

In Liberty,

Apollo Pazell
Campaigns Advisor