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Two bottles of e-liquid used in vaping devices. Photo courtesy: Black Hills Vapors

Libertarians, vaping industry condemn Trump vaping ban

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Libertarian Party officials joined vaping industry members in criticizing President Donald Trump’s plans to recommend a ban on the sale of flavored vaping products, a decision he announced Wednesday morning. Flavored vaping liquids — known colloquially as “e-liquids” — have come under attack from critics citing concerns that underage consumers could be […]

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Nicholas Sarwark

Republicans celebrate passage of weak bill with weak beer

Dear Libertarian, Paul Ryan and the Republican establishment celebrated over Bud Light the narrow passage of the AHCA in the White House Rose Garden. Their ‘victory’ was as lacking in substance as the beer they chose to drink. The AHCA does nothing to solve the health care crisis that Americans are facing under the disaster […]

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