Thankful for YOU!

Dear Libertarian,

Today, and everyday, I am thankful for many things:

…thankful that our founders had the audacity to break away from the tyranny of Great Britain, and successfully did so.

…thankful that our founders attempted to protect many of our liberties in our founding documents.

…thankful for the generations of liberty-minded folks, here and elsewhere, who have worked to preserve and expand our liberties.

…thankful for the founders of the Libertarian Party who were so courageous and bold and founded our party nearly 46 years ago.

…thankful for the many Libertarian candidates who have carried our message and values every election cycle since then.

…thankful for the many Libertarian activists and donors who have built our party each year since then.

…thankful for the ballot access warriors who have worked so diligently for many years, chipping away at the barriers, so that voters have more choices on their ballots.

…and thankful for YOU, and your contributions to this great cause of “liberty and justice for all.”

What we do in the Libertarian Party is so special and I’m thankful to have the opportunity to serve this party and our great cause.

We champion the rights of every person, all the time, no matter what.

As a former public defender, I can tell you first hand how rare and needed that is.

I’m so proud of what we do, and what we represent, every day.

Thank you for being a part of it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nicholas Sarwark
Chair, Libertarian National Committee

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