The heart of Libertarian philosophy is loving your neighbor

Love Knows No Borders

On Aug. 24–25, the Libertarian Party of New Mexico, the City of Deming, N.M., and Colores United, with assistance from the Libertarian Party, are hosting a two-day radiothon broadcast by the LP’s own Pat Ford. This event will be a celebration and fundraiser for the Deming Refugee Center, located 30 miles north of our southern border in South Central New Mexico — an extremely remote location.

Since Mother’s Day, this center, staffed predominantly by volunteers, has welcomed upwards of 400 legal immigrants per day and provided them with food, water, shelter, medicine, clothing, sanitation, bedding, communication, and transportation after they were processed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents as legal asylum seekers and subsequently dumped without any further support in the middle of Deming. At all hours of the day and night, hours by vehicle from any major transportation center, these volunteers make a real, practical difference in the lives of people who desperately need help.

Going on four months now, the citizens of Deming have united to embody the Libertarian spirit of voluntaryism and humanitarianism by professionally and graciously welcoming, caring for, and expediting the refugees on the final leg of their journey to their sponsors’ homes.

As a highlight of this weekend’s event in Deming, each immigrant departing the center for their final stop will receive a Statue of Liberty lapel pin, a historic symbol of freedom and welcome for the world’s refugees.

These pins can become items that immigrant will treasure for a lifetime after they wear them proudly on the final leg of their extremely difficult journeys to freedom.

The Libertarian Party has secured a limited number of pins for this event.

We need more.

They come at significant cost, yet also come with significant short and long term value.

We ask you to assist us with this project by donating as much as you can now for this part of the event, and potentially making it a continuing project for other Refugee Centers and State LP Chapters around the country.

Can you please donate:


Or more?

Help us purchase the pins we need to put much-needed and long-overdue smiles on the faces of each of these departing legal refugees. This small act of kindness and support has already brought happiness to many. We’ve seen adults shed joyful tears and children beam with joy upon receiving them. We would like to spread this gesture of acceptance and support to as many more as possible.

Be a part of this moment.

Dan Fishman

Dan Fishman
Executive Director, Libertarian National Committee