VA governor candidate Cliff Hyra on Richmond CBS TV affiliate

Cliff Hyra on WTVR

Cliff Hyra, the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor of Virginia, spoke about a range of campaign issues in a recent interview with WTVR 6, the CBS affiliate in Richmond.

“The two main issues are the economy, tax and regulatory reform, and criminal justice reform,” Hyra said in the interview. “We’re spending millions of dollars on a criminal justice system that is arresting tens of thousands of Virginians just for marijuana use. It costs $30,000 to incarcerate one inmate, and we’re not getting any benefit out of the money that we’re spending.”

Hyra said he would use the savings from criminal justice reform to exempt the first $60,000 of household income from state tax.

He also recommends changes to the liquor laws and health care system, including eliminating certificates of need, which limit the number of health care facilities allowed by law.

Watch the full Cliff Hyra interview with WTVR 6.

Visit the Cliff Hyra campaign website.

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