What a way to kick off the 2018 election!

Two millennial women candidates running in February special elections need your help, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. We need volunteers to phone bank for Alison Foxall for state representative and Emily Mellingen for state Senate. All you need is a computer (or tablet) and a phone. Easy instructions and short call scripts provided. By using volunteers across the country for phone banking, this frees up local volunteers for door-knocking.

Alison Foxall for Florida state House

Alison Foxall, Florida state House
Election: February 13

Alison’s campaign has broken fundraising records in Florida for a Libertarian special election candidate, and now she’s ready to make history at the ballot.

This is Alison’s first run for public office, but not her first time serving the public. She’s donated hundreds of hours of her skilled labor for several public service campaigns through the American Advertising Federation, which she is a proud member of for almost 10 years. She’s helped causes to end domestic violence, raise awareness for the hearing impaired, and give technology access to children in need.

If you’d like to help Alison, click this link and sign up: foxallforflorida.com/volunteer

Emily Mellingen for Minnesota state Senate

Emily Mellingen, Minnesota state Senate
Election: February 12

One week ago, the Libertarian Party of Minnesota succeeded in a monumental undertaking. It collected 600 signatures in the allotted 72 hour window, in below zero temperatures, to get Libertarian Emily Mellingen on the ballot. The Democrat resigned over sexual harassment. The Republicans are fighting it out in a brutal primary. This campaign of less than one month is a challenge, but a robust plan is in place and it’s full steam ahead!

Emily is a nurse in a corrections facility, and has seen first-hand the devastation of the failed war on drugs. Learn more about her campaign here.

If you’d like to help Emily, email LPMN State Chair Chris Holbrook at chris.holbrook@lpmn.org.


Cara Schulz
Candidate Recruiting Specialist

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