Who’s Driving?

Who's Driving?

Who’s Driving? Introduction | Why is Who’s Driving? needed? | How to play Who’s Driving? | Leader instructions for setting up and playing Who’s Driving? | When to raise the Big Government card versus when to raise the Liberty card | Scoring (optional) | Print materials needed to play Who’s Driving?


Who’s Driving? is essential training for Libertarian candidates, spokespersons, and activists.

Who’s Driving? empowers Libertarians to be change agents for liberty.

Who’s Driving? is a fun and exciting game played with as few as three people (there’s no upper limit) that trains liberty lovers in the two most fundamental skills needed to be effective Libertarian communicators:

  1. using the bully pulpit to advance a Libertarian agenda, or narrative, to shrink government and thereby advance liberty
  2. articulating the benefits of Libertarian proposals in the eyes of everyday voters so they can see why much less government would be a great thing for themselves, their families, their communities, and the world at large.