Print materials needed to play “Who’s Driving?”

Who’s Driving? Introduction | Why is Who’s Driving? needed? | How to play Who’s Driving? | Leader instructions for setting up and playing Who’s Driving? | When to raise the Big Government card versus when to raise the Liberty card | Scoring (optional) | Print materials needed to play Who’s Driving?


To play Who’s Driving? you need the following materials:

A. Print these hand-outs – one per participant:

  1. Sample interview questions
  2. Sample Segues
  3. Sample Libertarian Solutions
  4. Sample benefits of Libertarian Solutions
  5. Score card (optional)

B. Liberty/Big Government playing cards

You need one pair of Liberty/Big Government playing cards for each participant (including audience members and the leader).

You can print them using a color printer (with plenty of ink) onto white card stock using these playing card images. For each image, print both sides on 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheets of paper, ensuring the top is the same on both sides. Then cut them in half.

Alternatively, you can simply get 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheets of yellow and red card stock (or heavy paper) that have color on both sides. Cut them in half. 5 sheets of red and 5 sheets of yellow will yield 10 pairs of cards.