AP: Wisconsin Libertarian running to abolish the very statewide office he seeks

Silhouette of state of wisconsin grey background, yellow outline and eagle-flame logo element; text is 'Libertarian Party of Wisconsin' (color graphic)From a Nov. 27 article in the San Francisco Chronicle (via the Associated Press):

“A Madison sports announcer will challenge Democratic Secretary of State Doug LaFollette next year.

“Richard Kalafut Jr., who goes by the professional name of Rich Reynolds, announced Monday he plans to run as a Libertarian.

“Reynolds, who hails from Columbus, is a restaurant manager as well as an on-air sports personality for WIFS-TV in Madison. He does public-address announcing for the Madison Capitols hockey team, Supreme Hits Boxing and UW-Madison as well. He also was the first public-address announcer for the Madison Mallards baseball team.

“He says in a news release entitled ‘Reynolds will fight LaFollette’ that he’s proud of never running for public office in the past and he wants to abolish the secretary of state, calling the position unnecessary.”