You did this!

August is traditionally a difficult month for all organizations that rely on donations. Students return to school, weekends are spent outdoors before the cooler temperatures roll in, and we are in an “off” election year.

My primary responsibility as the Libertarian Party’s Membership Manager is to grow our membership base.

Because of you, I have some great news to report coming out of August.

  • More Libertarians joined the LP or renewed their membership in August than any other month in 2019.
  • Revenue from membership was 9.4% higher in August than the 2019 average.
  • Liberty Pledge (recurring monthly donors) membership increased by 3.76%.

Labor Day ushers in the start of the 2020 election cycle, but we have been preparing for 50 state + DC ballot access (once again) since the 2016 cycle ended. We still need to raise another $30,000 for the next phase of our ballot access plans:

Committed supporters like you have made it clear that you are ready for this fight, and dedicated Libertarian Party members from all 50 states + DC have chipped in to build the strong Libertarian Party our eventual POTUS nominee and candidates nationwide will rely on.

My optimism grows each day as I see the reasons you joined us or renewed your membership come through my email inbox. I always ask our members for permission to share their testimonials and I would like to share Stephanie’s and SoniaCarmen’s with you:


In the words of our Executive Director, Dan Fishman, “these numbers are a big deal.”

That’s all from me for now. I’ll be in touch soon. I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am that you’re a part of this fight.

In liberty,







Jess Mears
Membership Manager