2020 Election

Marshall Burt

Marshall Burt

Marshall Burt was elected to the Wyoming house 39th district seat, defeating Democrat incumbent Stan Blake 1,696 to 1,420. This is only the fifth time in Libertarian Party history a candidate running only on the LP label has been elected to a state legislature, and the first time in 20 years.

Bethany Baldes, who lost her race for the Wyoming state house 55th district by 53 votes two years ago, lost by only 32 votes on Tuesday.

Presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen has over 1,788,000 votes,  which is the second-best showing for an LP presidential candidate, following Gary Johnson’s performance in 2016.

Indiana LP candidate for Governor Donald Rainwater received 11.4% of the vote, the second-best ever for an LP gubernatorial candidate, behind Dick Randolph who got 14.9% in Alaska in 1982.

Ricky Harrington, running for the US Senate in Arkansas against Republican incumbent Tom Cotton, got 33.3% of the vote, the best ever result for a federal candidate, besting Joel Balam’s 31.5 in the Kansas third congressional district race in 2012.

Preston Nelson finished with 29% of the vote in his race for the Illinois 8th congressional district, tying Joe Miller of Alaska for third-best ever for a federal candidate. Mr. Miller received 29% in his 2016 US Senate race in Alaska.

In West Virginia, candidate for Governor Erika Kolenich received 2.9% of the vote, securing ballot access for another four years. And in Wyoming, Richard Brubaker, running for the US House seat, also received 3%, retaining ballot access for two more years. The New Mexico LP retained major party status, as Stephen Curtis, running for position 2 for Judge of the Court of Appeals got 7% of the vote.

The District of Columbia has retained ballot access, as Patrick Hynes, candidate for Delegate to the House of Representatives, garnered over 7,500 votes. He also finished second in a field of nine candidates.

Other Libertarian Party candidates victories:

  • Kalish Morrow                Hanford, CA City Council
  • Trisha Butler                   Clarksville, TN City Council
  • Kate O’Brien                    Rancho Simi, CA Recreation and Park District Board of Directors   (reelected)
  • Bob Karwin                      Menifee, CA City Council
  • Cara Schulz                      Burnsville, MN City Council   (reelected)
  • Dennis Misigoy               Enclave at Black Point Marina Board of Supervisors  (reelected)
  • Tony Busby                      Osceola, FL Soil and Water Commission
  • Wendy Hewitt                 Calimesa, CA City Council
  • James Doyle                    Belleville, KS City Council
  • Jessica Abbott                 Virginia Beach, VA City Council   (reelected)
  • Richard Rieske                Fruitport Township, MI Parks Commission
  • Jackie Hankins                Board of Alderman 5, Town of Newellton, LA
  • Jacob Collins                    Kankakee County, IL Commission District 13
  • Brian Holtz                       Purissima Hills, CA Water Board   (reelected)
  • Donna Gundle-Krieg      Mancelona, MI Township Board of Trustees
  • Scotty Boman                   Detroit Community Advisory Council District 4
  • Gregory Creswell             Detroit Community Advisory Council District 4
  • Allen Esposito                  Hampden, ME Town Council District 4
  • Shawn Levasseur             Knox County Budget Committee, District #3 – Rockland
  • Ben Backus                       Gering, NE Council Ward 3
  • Susan Bell                         Hagerstown, IN Town Judge   (reelected)
  • Larry Bush                        Jerrell, TX Mayor   (reelected)

Dan Driscoll just missed getting elected to the Pacific County, Washington Commission, finishing with 48.1%, losing by only 347 votes.

Gene Siadek received 6.4% of the vote in the Nebraska US Senate race against a Democrat and the Republican incumbent. This is only the third time since 2012 an LP candidate has picked up at least 6% in a US Senate race. Joe Miller of Alaska got 29% in 2016, and Ricky Harrington got 33% in Arkansas this year (see above).

Two state house candidates finished with over 40% of the vote: Bethany Baldes (see above) received 49.6% for Wyoming house 55, and William Hunt got 40.5% for Rhode Island house 68.

Two state senate candidates were over 30% of the vote: Michelle Poague picked up 31.6% for Colorado senate 29, and Feena Bonoan with 30.6% for Hawaii senate 20.

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