2020 Libertarian Vice-Presidential Candidates

Below are candidates running for the 2020 Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential nomination:


First NameLast NameWebsitePhoneEmail
SpikeCohenhttps://www.facebook.com/LiterallySpikeCohen/(843) 902-7256Spike@VerminSupreme2020.com
ZoltanIstvanhttps://zoltan2020.com/(415) 802-4891info@ZoltanIstvan.com
LarrySharpehttps://www.GraySharpe2020.com/(720) JudgeJG
MarkStewarthttps://www.StewartForLiberty.com/(603) 854-3277LibertyMsg@gmail.com

The list above includes Libertarian Party 2020 vice-presidential candidates who have met the following criteria, specified by the Libertarian National Committee. The criteria for vice-presidential candidates to be recognize on any Libertarian Party platform is as follows:

  1. The candidate is a sustaining member of the national LP
  2.  The candidate is legally qualified to hold the office and must be registered as Libertarian (if their home state has registration by party)
  3.  The candidate must have a functional website and/or Facebook page that can be linked from lp.org
  4.  The candidate has professional quality photos, especially a head shot and at least a one minute video with audio of the candidate speaking
  5.  The candidate must have a dedicated campaign manager
  6.  The candidate must use the word “Libertarian” in his or her campaign materials

Note: not meeting the criteria does not prevent a vice-presidential candidate from running for and obtaining the Libertarian Party vice-presidential nomination. If you have any questions, please contact Bob Johnston.