LPNova wins the first LP Everywhere Contest

The Affiliate Support Committee of the Libertarian Party is pleased to announce the winner of the first LP Everywhere Contest!

In its inaugural year, the contest was created to promote activism, community engagement & team work. Voters were asked to judge entrants on execution, originality & outreach.

The Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia (LPNova) initiative,  “Libertarians #RiseUpCleanUp, a comprehensive approach to national park cleanup in the wake of the 2019 federal shutdown, received 198 votes for the win!

“Our activism effort began during the major federal government shutdown in January 2019, with the National Park Service unable to maintain and clean up trash of the National Mall in Washington, D.C. There was an idea from the national Libertarian Party to mobilize libertarians to come do the job that government was failing to do. LPNova stepped up to organize the effort, which involved mapping out “lanes” for volunteers to focus on, grouping them into teams as they arrived as the start point near the Smithsonian Castle, then receiving and disposing of the trash as they arrived at the designated end near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This involved more than 30 volunteers from as far away as Pennsylvania and West Virginia and resulted in 16 full bags of trash, as well as significant media attention and recognition within the libertarian community.”

Libertarian Party members were asked to vote among five finalists (see below). A $1,000 check was forwarded to the affiliate. A prize graciously funded by Boomer Shannon & Joseph Bishop Henchman!

The ASC thanks all the competitors, members, and the Libertarian Party HQ staff for their support!


LP New Mexico 138
LP Michigan 74
LP Seminole County 68
LP Massachusetts 38