$4.20 for 420 on 4/20?

Do you remember what it was like when pot was illegal everywhere?

 People were being stopped by the police, families torn apart over possession of a joint, and homes were subject to search…

April 20th has always been a day to talk about Cannabis. It’s rightfully a joyous celebration. And while many people think that the legal fight over cannabis has been won, Libertarians understand that the government granting people the “freedom” to have the medicine they need is not Liberty. Government granting people the “freedom” to go to the store and buy what they want is not Liberty.

Liberty is when you can provide for yourself should you so choose. If the COVID crisis has shown us anything, it’s that people must be able to decide for themselves what is essential. In Massachusetts, the bluest state in the land, 2016 was a banner year. The people, through a ballot initiative, overrode the will of the politicians and allowed recreational sales and home grow. 6 plants per person, 12 plants per household is the legal limit.

Massachusetts libertarians responded by starting a program called “Overgrow and Share” where good growers would clone their best plants and give them away. The plan is to have everyone growing should a need arise and the state decide to close the stores. Many people said that wasn’t necessary.

Now there are no recreational sales in Massachusetts. How important is that liberty to grow at home?Very few states have deemed recreational cannabis a necessity, though every alcohol store is doing record business.

When the Libertarian Party first began advocating for your cannabis rights, we weren’t doing because we want you to get high (though if you do that’s totally ok). We’re doing it because you own yourself, and the government doesn’t get to decide what you do with your body, what you put into it or what you grow in your own garden!

The battle for liberty isn’t over if you can’t grow yourself.

The Libertarian Party and our candidates stand on the side of All Your Freedoms, All The Time!  One day we’ll celebrate a 4/20 where we can all grow, buy and sell as we choose. Until then the Libertarian Party will continue to fight.

Can you donate $4.20 on 4/20  to help us keep fighting?  All donors who donate over $42 will get thank you “Legalize It” T-shirt!