Because people should be allowed to pursue their own definitions of happiness

Dear Libertarian,

My name is Aaron Aylward. I’m a Libertarian candidate for state house in South Dakota. I work as a recruiter in the agricultural industry. My wife, Callie, is a 7th grade math teacher and we have two awesome little boys, Jax and Kade.

I am running for state house because I think that people should be allowed to pursue their own definitions of happiness.

With my race, I am focusing on reducing federal control, increasing efficiency and transparency in our corrupt state-level government, and protecting the civil liberties of all people in South Dakota.

My race is unique from some others because the top two candidates advance to the state house. There are two incumbent Rs running, two Ds, and me.

When I’m knocking on doors, I find that most people aren’t aware of who’s running and I am the first person who’s knocked on their door in years. One gal said that I was the first person in 12 years!

With the help of local volunteers and one of the national party’s field teams, we’ve knocked on over 5,000 doors!

We’ll continue campaigning aggressively through Election Day!

Thanks to everyone who has donated to help fund the field teams, like the one that has helped me.

Aaron Aylward
Libertarian Candidate for South Dakota House, District 6

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