Press-Enterprise issues ‘strong’ endorsement of Hewitt for Riverside County supervisor in California

Jeff Hewitt, candidate for Riverside County Board of Supervisors.

Calimesa Mayor Jeff Hewitt, 2018 candidate for Riverside County’s board of supervisors in California

Libertarian Jeff Hewitt, candidate for the Riverside County (Calif.) board of supervisors’ fifth district seat, has won the endorsement of the Press-Enterprise, the county’s primary daily newspaper.

Hewitt, since 2015 the mayor of Calimesa, Calif., is running against former assemblyman Russ Bogh for the nonpartisan seat. From the Oct. 26 editorial, “Jeff Hewitt for Riverside County’s 5th district”:

As Riverside County works through staggering budget problems, the Board of Supervisors needs leaders who not only can speak to the challenges of the county, but who have a demonstrated record of getting things done.

With the retirement of Supervisor Marion Ashley in the Fifth District, voters are presented with two credible, fiscally conservative candidates.

In June, former Assemblyman Russ Bogh and Calimesa Mayor Jeff Hewitt ran neck-and-neck for first place into the run-off. We strongly urge voters elect Jeff Hewitt to the Board of Supervisors.

Backed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, Hewitt is the rare sort of politician who can get straight to the point about the problems of county government and speak honestly about what the region needs to have happen.

Hewitt is not just a talker. He gets things done. One of his most notable successes as mayor of Calimesa was working to get his city out from under Cal Fire/Riverside County Fire Department, saving the citizens money without compromising public safety.

He’ll bring that same approach to Riverside County. Recognizing the folly in contracting with a high-cost consulting firm to find efficiencies in county government, Hewitt suggests working with department heads and county staff to do so instead. It’s a common-sense perspective the board could desperately use.

Hewitt’s service as a Calimesa city councilmember began in 2010. He is a small-business owner and a member of the Libertarian National Committee.

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