Ballot Access Update

Ballot access is one of the most critical functions of the national party.

Libertarians and Libertarian candidates across America benefit when we can say that EVERY American voter has the opportunity to vote Libertarian.

50 state ballot access is much more powerful than 49 state ballot access. It gives us more prestige in the eyes of the media and voters, and this helps translate into votes.

In 2016, we achieved 50 state (plus DC!) ballot access and every American voter had the option to vote Libertarian.

We are striving for that again in 2018. It is an ambitious project but doable, if we continue to plan ahead wisely and do the heavy lifting needed to make it happen.

Every state has different requirements. We are very fortunate that our 2016 election results guaranteed ballot access for us in 37 states! This puts us further ahead on this than ever before. But there is still a lot of work that must be done.

The national party focuses on helping states that have particularly difficult thresholds…places where the state legislatures has made it extra difficult for us to get on ballots.

Our experts targeted Ohio, Arkansas, and Virginia for major involvement from the national party in 2017. State leadership in these states and in other states are doing a lot of heavy lifting too and we thank them for their hard work.

Our experts are some of the best in the country on ballot access work and they recommended that the national party budget and spend $130,000 on this work in 2017.

To date, we have raised $115,179.15 towards this $130,000. We need to raise just $14,820.85 more to make sure that the work we need to do in 2017 gets done.

If you want Libertarian candidates on EVERY ballot in America again in 2018, please donate to the Ballot Access Fund today.

As always, thank you for your support.