4th of July Sale!


Are you considering doing some Libertarian activism around Independence Day?

July 4th will be here soon, so if you need materials, order them today!

A long-standing Libertarian favorite for this holiday is distributing copies of the Declaration of Independence at parades and picnics.

To help make that even easier, right now, our copies of the Declaration of Independence are on sale for half price: $.50 each or $.05 each for orders of 100 copies or more.

Also, while supplies last, all purchases of 100 copies or more will get a FREE drawstring bag featuring our retro logo.

These bags can be helpful for carrying your activism supplies to Independence Day parades or picnics.

This sale lasts through Friday, June 23rd. But to ensure you get your supplies before July 4th, we recommend you order today.

Thanks for helping spread the message of Libertarianism this summer!