80 for 8 in 8

From the Libertarian Party:

Dear Fellow Libertarian:

Eight States.  Eight Days.  Eighty thousand dollars.

That’s our goal for the next eight days as we face tough deadlines in eight states across the nation, and we’re $80,000 short of what we need to finish the ballot access drives in these states.

We’re putting out an urgent request for volunteers to collect petition signatures, and for generous Americans willing to donate to our ballot access struggle that will give voters the choice they deserve in November.

Why is ballot access important, and why should you donate to our "80 for 8 in 8" drive?

More choices on the ballot means voters have the ability to pick the best candidate–not just the lesser of two evils.  Ballot access means competition, and competition means better candidates get elected. 

Ballot access does not just benefit third parties—it benefits all Americans!

We need your help to put Bob Barr on the ballot for the Libertarian Party, and help get many of our other candidates on the ballot for voters as well. 

Voters need more choice as Republicans and Democrats continue to fail the American people. 

Voters need to hear the Libertarian message that Bob Barr and our other fine candidates are spreading across the nation.

Voters need to see another choice on the ballot instead of the just the political establishment.

Voters need you.

Please donate $25, $50, $80 or even $100 right now to help get the Libertarian Party on the ballot in these eight states in the next eight days.  If you can donate more, or can only donate less, please do so right now! Every dollar that you donate, and every hour that you dedicate towards ballot access works towards giving voters more choice in 2008.

The goal of $80,000 in the next eight days will be hard to reach, but with your help, it is entirely possible!

Can you help us today?

Thank you for all that you have done for liberty, and continue to do so.

In liberty,

Bill Redpath
National Chairman
Libertarian National Committee

P.S. – If you are receiving this message and are not currently a member of the Libertarian Party, please consider signing up today!  We have had more than 1,500 members sign up in the past two months, and continue to grow larger each day!