Boehner's voting comments reflect Republican failures

For Immediate Release Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis called House Minority Leader John Boehner’s (R-OH) comments about wasted votes “a symptom of the same delusion that cost Republicans control in 2006.”

Answering a question from Reason’s Dave Weigel about Bob Barr at a recent lunch hosted by The American Spectator and Americans for Tax Reform, Boehner stated, “A vote for Bob Barr — you might as well vote for Barack Obama,” adding, “if you want to throw your vote away, that’s fine, but that’s what it would be.”

Davis said that Boehner’s comments “reflect the same fallacy of thought that has put America in its current situation, with neither Republicans or Democrats offering the solutions voters want to hear.”

“If Boehner is content with simply being elected as the lesser of two evils, then it is apparent that he and his party have failed as public servants,” says Davis. “Instead of dismissing third parties as ‘long shots’ or ‘wasted votes,’ Boehner should be figuring out the reasons why voters might pick Barr over McCain or Obama. It may be that voters finally realize that a wasted vote is one cast for a candidate that is part of the problematic establishment that has failed the American public election after election.”

Davis also remarked that after the 2006 election, “one would think Republicans might wake up and smell the coffee,” adding that John McCain is last thing Republicans need to restore the confidence of the American people in the GOP.

“In the eyes of voters, John McCain is a four-year extension of the Bush administration,” says Davis. “Voters would rather vote for a third party candidate than a sure-shot at another four years of endless war, soaring deficits and a falling dollar.”

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