Barr: “I Get No Respect”

Though this may be true in respect to Senators John McCain and Barack Obama  (just look at what McCain is doing in PA), this statement just happened to be one line from Libertarian Party presidential nominee Bob Barr’s comedy routine Tuesday night in Philadelphia.  Speaking at Stu Bykofsky’s annual "Candidates’ Comedy Night," Barr brought down the house with a comedy routine riddled with local jabs, self-deprecation and even a few swipes at his opponents McCain and Obama. 

"There are actually folks out there that think I don’t like John McCain," jokes Barr. "That’s also untrue.  I really appreciate him being in this race. Next to him, they think I’m the young guy."

Barr’s routine lasted just under six minutes at the club, and according to host Stu Bykofsky, "he killed." 

His appearance at the annual comedy night is the first time a presidential candidate has ever participated.

Below is a complete video of Barr’s routine.



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