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Gary Johnson, U.S. Senate - Fiercely Independent

Gov. Gary Johnson to brief New Mexico press on Senate bid

Former two-term New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who ran for president twice as the Libertarian Party’s nominee, has ended the suspense over whether he would run for Senate from New Mexico. On Aug. 14, Johnson tweeted a video produced by the Elect Liberty PAC, “You Know Gary Johnson.” In short, he’s running. In recent days, […]

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American foreign policy should seek an America at peace with the world.

Defense Authorization Act funds war crimes, increases debt, enriches contractors

The 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, which President Donald Trump signed on Aug. 13, authorizes $717 billion in defense spending. That’s $2,194 for every man, woman and child in the United States, just for one year. It’s an increase of $21 billion over last year’s bill. “This act increases budget deficits,” said Libertarian National Chair […]

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The fastest growing political party in America! - Libertarian

Dozens of elected Democrats and Republicans switching to Libertarian Party

The toxic tribal warfare between Democrats and Republicans is benefiting the Libertarian Party in two ways. First, candidates for office who actually want to fix the problems caused by government are running as Libertarians — and winning. Two county commissioners, Joshua Beal and Erika Ebel, and Mayor Stephen Chambers were all Libertarian Party candidates elected […]

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We favor free-market banking, with unrestricted competition among banks and depository institutions of all types.

Boomers going bankrupt at unprecedented rate

The social media teaser for a recent New York Times article paints a grim portrait of the economic prospects for aging Baby Boomers: “Vanishing pensions. Soaring medical expenses. Inadequate savings. The rate of older Americans filing for bankruptcy has tripled since 1991.” A study by the Consumer Bankruptcy Project shows that, for people aged 65 […]

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Erika Ebel for Smith County Tennessee Commissioner

Four more Libertarian officeholders

The Libertarian Party has four new officeholders, three Libertarians who won elective office in Tennessee —two new county commissioners and a mayor. In Tennessee, arduous ballot access laws make it nearly impossible to get on the ballot as a Libertarian. So, these three enterprising Libertarians ran as independents and were successful at the ballot box. […]

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[W]e favor the repeal of all laws creating 'crimes' without victims, such as the use of drugs for medicinal or recreational purposes.

Who should decide who uses kratom?

Kratom is derived from the leaves of mitragyna speciosa, a tropical tree related to coffee and native to Southeast Asia. It has been used as a traditional medicine in those areas for centuries. Its users testify that it is an effective pain reliever, alleviates opiate drug withdrawal symptoms, lifts moods, promotes energy, eases anxiety, relieves […]

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Andrea Rich

David Boaz remembers Andrea Rich, first LP New York chair, friend to libertarians worldwide

Rest in peace, Andrea Rich by David Boaz Our friend, supporter, and ally Andrea Rich passed away on Wednesday in Philadelphia after a 19-year battle with lung cancer. We’re going to miss very much her warmth, her generosity, her valuable and occasionally pointed suggestions, and her enthusiasm for liberty. Our thoughts are especially with her […]

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The Libertarian Party calls upon President Trump to issue a full pardon for Ross Ulbricht!

Libertarian Party calls for pardoning of Ross Ulbricht

Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to two life sentences plus 40 years for the so-called crime of creating and operating Silk Road, a website that facilitated anonymous transactions. Among the goods allegedly traded there were cannabis and other drugs. The U.S Supreme Court refused to hear Ulbricht’s appeal in June, which leaves only one route to […]

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We support the removal of governmental impediments to free trade.

Libertarians call for zero tariffs, zero trade barriers, zero subsidies

In a July 25 press conference, President Donald Trump and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced, “We agreed today, first of all, to work together toward zero tariffs, zero non-tariff barriers, and zero subsidies on non-auto industrial goods.” Although eliminating all tariffs and trade barriers is a worthwhile goal, Trump’s recent trade war tactics aren’t […]

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Murray Sabrin for U.S. Senate

Ron Paul endorses Murray Sabrin for US Senator from NJ

Former congressman and three-time presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul has endorsed Libertarian candidate Murray Sabrin for U.S. Senator from New Jersey. “I am pleased to endorse my good friend of 35 years Murray Sabrin for United States Senate,” Paul wrote in a statement. “Murray’s dedication to, and knowledge of, the principles of liberty will make […]

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How tariffs work: they don't.

US, UK, and all other countries should embrace unilateral free trade

The United States, the United Kingdom, and any wise country should immediately implement policies of unilateral free trade. No trade agreements are required, no negotiation or retaliation, no matter what the rest of the world does. By Bill Etheridge, U.K. Independence Party, Member of European Parliamentand Wes Benedict, Libertarian Party Executive Director Besides the Declaration […]

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