Paul tips hat to Barr

Tipping his hat to his former colleague in Congress while rejecting calls to support John McCain–his party’s presumptive nominee–Ron Paul had some nice words for LP presidential candidate Bob Barr in a recent interview.  When talking to CNN host John Roberts, Paul stated that Barr represented the values of the Libertarian Party well. 

"He’s saying the things that he should be saying," Paul said. "He talks our language.  So I do really believe that he can have a very positive effect in this campaign, and let the people know that limited government is a very, very important message and the people will have a chance, and that gives them–you know–everybody a choice in the matter."

Though far from an official endorsement, Paul once again highlighted the positive relationship between these two former colleagues.  This relationship was also made clear in a recent American Spectator article written by J. Bradley Jansen.  The former Paul legislative staffer, who was on staff during the time when Paul and Barr were both in Congress, stated that the two Congressional teams "always worked closely together."

"Sure, fellow Republicans Ron Paul and Bob Ney joined ‘Butch’ Otter who spoke eloquently against [the Patriot Act’s] passage on the House floor and voted against the final passage, but none of them were on the Judiciary committee," says Jansen. "Thankfully, we had a former CIA agent and prosecutor on our side who knew the ins and outs and the ramifications of the proposals to fight for our privacy and civil liberties. He was our ‘man on the inside’ for us to share our proposals. Some of those proposals were adopted and became law."

Also at this year’s CPAC, Barr was given the honor of introducing Paul, with what many said was one of the best speeches of the event.