Democrats work against gas price relief

For Immediate Release Thursday, June 12, 2008

Recent legislative efforts by Democrats work against reducing the price of gas for Americans

While Americans are struggling to keep their vehicles fueled without breaking the bank, Democrats in Congress have promoted a string of legislation that would increase the cost of gas for consumers. “Americans are paying record prices for gas, and Democrats are working in the opposite direction of relief,” says Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis.

“It’s either incredibly bad timing, or Democrats forgot what they learned in Econ. 101,” Davis continues. “There really is no other explanation for the recent bills that Democrats have proposed, which all would increase the already soaring fuel costs for Americans. We need to work towards lowering prices by increasing our domestic production of oil and through allowing the free market to balance itself out. What we do not need, and what Democrats have proposed, is limiting the use of our natural resources and slapping oil companies with more taxes and regulations.”

Yesterday, House Democrats in subcommittee blocked a proposal to explore U.S. waters for oil. The Libertarian Party also points to Democrat-sponsored legislation as policies that would all increase fuel prices. Such bills include the Lieberman-Warner Climate Securities Act, which could potentially raise gas prices by 29 percent, and a proposal by Senate Democrats to add a 25 percent tax on major U.S. oil companies for what Democrats consider to be “unreasonable” profits.

“Punishing companies for making a profit by slapping them with a monstrous tax is both anti-American and the wrong way to bring relief to consumers at the gas pump,” says Davis.

The Libertarian Party emphasizes free market solutions to America’s growing energy problems by allowing for greater exploration and harvesting of natural resources, and lifting regulations on oil companies that inhibit oil production.

“The typical inclination for people in crisis is to look to the government for answers that come in the form of additional regulations,” says Davis. “This is the wrong approach towards better energy policies. While higher oil prices are temporary, the damage caused by government intervention in the marketplace is many times permanent.”

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