Radio Ad Contest

Are you ready to be the voice of liberty for the Libertarian Party?

If so, you just may have your chance.

The election is 36 days around the corner, and the LP is gearing up for our first radio ads of the season, and we’re looking for you, the loyal supporter, for ideas.

Please submit your best script, or your own commercial, to  Entries are to be 25 seconds long, and we’ll put the “Approved By” in it.

For ideas, listen to the Barr campaign’s radio advertisement here.

The deadline for submission is Oct. 3, and the winner will be notified within a week of the contest’s close.  The top advertisement will be used in radio ads across the country.

So, put on your “creative caps,” and let us truly hear the “message of liberty!”

If you’re not feeling the creative spirit, then please consider a donation of $36 to help go towards broadcasting these ads around the nation.  People are desperate for a new message of freedom, and it is up to us to get that message to them.  With 36 days left, your $36 will go towards literally sending the establishment a message this election season.

If you feel that you want to contribute more than $36, please consider a donation of $50, $100, or $1000 today.  Your contribution will go a long way in helping to spread freedom to those looking for a new political home and new leadership in Washington, as well as in your home state.

Thank you for your ideas, your ads and your contributions.  Without supporters like you, we would not be America’s strongest and largest third party.

Live free,

Andrew Davis
Director of Communications
Libertarian Party

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